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For our ongoing collaboration with the Queens Hotel, a renowned venue with a rich history, LaBrooy Designs has had the privilege of contributing to multiple projects, enhancing both its indoor and outdoor spaces. Recognizing the importance of maintaining the hotel’s iconic charm while infusing modern elements, our focus has been on creating custom furniture that resonates with the venue’s unique character. For the outdoor area, we designed custom tables that not only withstand the elements but also complement the hotel’s exterior aesthetic. These pieces are crafted to encourage a relaxed yet sophisticated outdoor dining and social experience, perfect for the hotel’s diverse clientele. Inside, our approach involved crafting tables that align with the interior’s ambiance, blending seamlessly with the hotel’s elegant d├ęcor. These indoor tables are designed to enhance the guest experience, offering both style and functionality. Through these projects, LaBrooy Designs has played a key role in evolving the Queens Hotel’s furnishings, ensuring each piece contributes to the venue’s celebrated atmosphere.

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