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For our unique project with Dunsborough Tavern, a beloved destination known for its inviting charm, LaBrooy Designs was commissioned to create something truly special for their outdoor area. Our goal was to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, crucial for a vibrant tavern setting.

We provided custom-designed outdoor tables and benches, each crafted with durability and design finesse to withstand the elements. These bespoke pieces were not only functional but aesthetically in tune with Dunsborough Tavern’s relaxed yet lively atmosphere. The design encouraged communal and sociable interactions, resonating with the tavern’s spirit as a hub for friends and family.

Additionally, we supplied a range of tables and chairs for other areas of the tavern. Selected for their comfort and style, these pieces integrated seamlessly with the tavern’s overall decor. This mix of custom outdoor furniture and thoughtfully chosen indoor furnishings has enhanced Dunsborough Tavern’s appeal as a versatile venue for both casual gatherings and special events.

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