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Cups in Midland, Perth, LaBrooy Designs was tasked with creating custom banquette seating, marking yet another successful collaboration with this valued client. Our goal was to craft seating that not only enhanced the café’s cozy and inviting atmosphere but also reflected the unique style and needs of the establishment.

Understanding the importance of maximizing space while maintaining comfort and aesthetic appeal, our team designed and constructed bespoke banquette seating. This custom solution was tailored to fit seamlessly into the café’s layout, offering customers a comfortable and stylish spot to enjoy their visit.

The success of this project at Cups is part of a series of collaborations, where we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of the café’s design and functionality. Our ongoing relationship with this client is a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet and exceed their expectations, helping to create inviting and functional spaces for their patrons.

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